bachHOCH2 believes sustainable fashion means creating a healthy business in every way possible!



fibres --> We use a combination of materials. Therefore every piece that has some kind of elasticity contains Elastane/ Spandex. Without it, the whole item could not fit as crisp. Two of our other synthetic standard fibres are Polyester & Polyamide. We use them to make our products durable and extremely strong. Since they are hydrophobic fibres they dry quickly and are easy to wash. As these fibres are very smooth they feel very pleasant on the skin. We also offer all our products for b2b customers in organic cotton or a combination with it --> if you feel interested please drop us a line via

care --> We source high quality fibres which means that our items will stay a long time with you if you take proper care! If you have any questions about how to take proper care of our products please don't hesitate to contact us, we are glad to help!



Our manufacturers are located in Portugal, China (Mainland) and Peru. They range from small family businesses to highly professional factories with certifications and high working standards. As all of them are very experienced in fibre combinations we are always very positively surprised about the solutions they offer to us concerning our designs.